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hared apartment, private bathroom, balcony

Warmmiete: 690 €
Größe: 12 m²|B-WG-Zimmer in 1er WG
Stadt: München
Frei ab: 01.09.15
Beschreibung: Room and apartment:
The apartment has two sleeping rooms, two bathrooms, one huge dinning and living room, a seperate kitchen, storeroom and a nice balcony, the entire space is arround 80 m². In addtion to your sleeping room, you will have a sperate, own bathroom, what is amazing so we will never have to make any agreements in the morning.

Your sleeping room is a friendly, light room with a big window and next to a quite back road.

Area and neighboorhood:
The flat is very close to Partnachplatz (5 min). From there you can get arround easily (U6 to Marienplatz, Schwabing, ...). Bus 54 and night bus N40. Grocery shooping can be done at Partnachplatz (Rewe, Norma, pharmacy). Since we are located in a back road you, it's pretty quite and the balcony is a wonderful spot to sit and relax.

About me:
For me it's a basic thing to share duties in the house,
beeing considerate and reliable. Positiv thinking and enjoying the good sides in life is important too. :-)

Sometimes I also think about hiring somebody to do the cleaning. Currently my roommate and I shared the cleaning part eqaully but if you feel like paying somebody, we can talk about it.

I am interested in a good relationship, somethimes cooking togehter, chating about the day and trust each other.

I will stay in the flat and my roomate is leaving since she is moving abroad. I would describe myself as open-minded, well-travelled, curious about learning and seeing new things. I've got a Monday - Friday job and in the evenning I like doing some excercises, meeting up with friends, doing Spanish class. For the weekends I am sometimes out of town ( visiting family, trips, hiking).

Attention: If you are a native Spanish speaker, you will get some credits. I trying to learn and it would be wonderful for me if we can chat from time to time in Spanish!!

Since my roomate is moving abroad she has a wardrobe and a bedroom to sell. So if you are interessted the room could be partly furnished. Bathroom is furnished.
Anzeige vom 21.06.2015
Angeboten von: Privat
Stadt: München
Rubrik: B-WG-Zimmer
Stadtteil: Sendling-Westpark
Miet-Typ: unbefristet
Straße: -
Frei ab: 01.09.15
Anzeigen in:
Zimmeranzahl: 3
Größe: 12 m²
Art: -
Möbliert: Nein
Größe: 75 m²
Wohnzimmer: Ja
Warmmiete: 690 €
Kaltmiete: 540 €
Kaution: 1620 €
Nebenkosten: 115 €
Provision: entfällt
Telefon: 5 €
Internet: 5 €
Sonstiges: 25 €


  • Dusche
  • Kühlschrank
  • Backofen
  • Spülmaschine
  • Laminat
Internet & Telefon
  • DSL
  • WLAN
  • Balkon
  • Zentralheizung
Gesucht wird
Bewohneranzahl: 1
Geschlecht: weiblich
davon Männer: 0
Im Alter: 25 bis 38
davon Frauen: 1
Rauchen: nur auf Terrasse / Balkon
Berufe: Andere
Haustiere: nicht erwünscht

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